Tuesday, May 21, 2024

A Sense Of Purpose Is Good For Your Longevity

While past research has shown how important having a sense of purpose is to your health as you age, by helping make you more resilient and better able to handle stress, and it’s also been linked to living longer. New research has found that a sense of purpose lowers the risk of all causes or mortality, regardless of gender, race or ethnicity.

While it lowers the risk for everyone, the effect of a sense of purpose on longevity is more pronounced among women, as reported by medicalnewstoday.com.

Conducted by researchers at Boston University’s School of Public Health in Massachusetts and published in the journal Preventative Medicine. Their findings revealed that those with the strongest sense of purpose lowered their risk of death by 15.2 percent compared to people with the least sense of purpose. While it did show a stronger association with longevity for women, a sense of purpose provides significant benefits for both sexes.

For more on what defines purposeful living, how it can contribute to improving your health and how caregivers can encourage developing a sense of purpose, read the full medicalnewstoday.com article here.

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