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Start Now On Aging-In-Place Home Upgrades

Most people would prefer to age in place and prolong living in their home as long as possible before moving to a retirement or nursing home. The good news is that with all of the developments when it comes to aging in place, from hardware, fixtures and technology, you can much more easily age in place now more than ever before, reports In fact, the author, Steve Maxwell, goes on to say depending on the extent you are wanting to remodel your home, you could potentially avoid the need to ever move out of your home.

But it’s key to start on these remodels and renovations sooner rather than later so that you are well prepared. Maxwell, who is an expert in aging-in-place upgrades, says that there are three tiers when it comes to these renovations. Tier 1? Easy remodels that can be completed in less than a month; think installing grab bars, fall-alert systems and adding an access ramp.

Tier 2 involves making modifications room by room. So for example, he says you might focus on the bathroom and install a barrier-free tub, a raised toilet, lowering the counter height and installing a lift system.

Tier 3 goes further and takes into consideration people who want to have live-in help – so this encompasses building a second suite for them and installing enhanced vehicle loading and unloading, for example.

Think this all sounds costly? Get his expert take and more details on the upgrades you can start with right now in the article here.

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