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You’re Invited: Forum Aims To Reshape Attitudes About Aging

AGEWORKS – The Art of Ageing Forum is bringing together thought leaders, organizations, and individuals with a single-minded goal—reducing ageist attitudes and reshaping what it means to get older.

Hosted by Niagara College, the two-day event (June 26 and 27) will feature 12 intriguing presentations designed to enlighten professionals, academics and consumers.

Marylou Hilliard – AGEWORKS

“The Art of Ageing Forum provides a unique opportunity for people to stimulate their minds and examine new ways to think about what it means to age,” says Marylou Hilliard, principal of AGEWORKS, a Canadian company committed to reducing the ageism stigma and debunking myths about older people.

These topics are at the heart of what we do at YouAreUNLTD and we are pleased to be on board as a media partner. The line-up features dynamic speakers covering a wide range of topics from “Making Sense of a Longevity Economy” to “Your Future Reimagined” and “Laugh Yourself Silly.”

The forum is designed to appeal to a diverse audience. Business leaders will gain insights into how global and local population trends and longevity issues can impact their business. They will learn more about what makes the aging population tick and what drives them to make buying decisions. In turn, business leaders will also examine their own personal thought processes and behaviours about aging issues to improve their professional perspective.

For academics and mindful consumers who are curious about positive aging, the forum provides food for thought with engaging presentations about aging positively that go beyond eating well and exercising.

“We invite the public of all ages to come and share in these educational presentations and our networking event where participants can engage in enlightening dialogue. The Art of Ageing Forum is a ‘must attend’ event if you plan on aging anytime soon,” notes Hilliard.

Carolyn Triemstra – Niagara College

“We are proud to be a part of AGEWORKS’ exemplary forum, filled with sessions bound to challenge the status quo, leave you invigorated, intrigued and no doubt with a different view of aging,” adds Carolyn Triemstra, Dean of Niagara College’s Community and Health Studies division and host of forum. “Niagara College is a strong advocate of lifelong learning, offering programs and services that support the needs of an aging population and welcoming more older and second career adults to our campuses. In fact, earlier this year, NC was announced as Canada’s first college to become a member of the Age-Friendly University Global Network, in recognition of the College’s commitment to aging, and my division has naturally supported many age-friendly initiatives through much of our course work and community partnerships.”

The forum takes place June 26 and 27 at Niagara College (Welland Campus). Space is limited. Only 300 tickets are available for each day. For details about the presentations and to purchase tickets, visit

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