Friday, October 23, 2020
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David Kirkpatrick


A Doctor And Husband Writes About The Impact of Dementia And Loneliness On His Marriage

A Toast Here’s to Aloneness and her second cousin, Loneliness. May we continue to especially savour and enjoy the former. Without being absorbed by the latter. I wrote...

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Take Control: 6 Bone-Boosting Tips, Tricks and Tools You Need Now to Prevent Osteoporosis

Sowing the seeds for good bone health happens early in life. Babies who are breastfed are given vitamin D drops because a...

YouAreUNLTD Celebrates World Osteoporosis Day

We’re proud to be breaking the silence around a disease that has affected so many people around the globe, including two million men and...

Startup Working On Sleep Tracker For long-term care Wins Third Competition In AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge

Tochtech Technologies, a Vancouver-area startup developing a non-wearable sleep tracker that allows caregivers to monitor the overnight safety of older adults, has...

COVID-19 Creates A Renewed Focus On Living Environments, Especially For An Aging Demographic

The new aging consumers are living longer and healthier lives than those in previous generations. As influential consumers, they want well-designed products...

New Poll: COVID-19 Has Significantly Increased the Use Of Many Technologies Among Older Canadians

From Facebook to food delivery apps and fitness trackers, older Canadians have upped their use of many technologies and online services during...
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