Sunday, May 19, 2024

Celebrating National Caregiver Month

As May unfolds, YouAreUNLTD takes a moment to recognize the invaluable contributions of over 8 million caregivers who selflessly dedicate themselves to the well-being and care of others.  

National Caregiver Month stands as a beacon of appreciation, casting light on the silent champions who provide care to family members, friends, neighbors, and chosen family members across the nation.

According to the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence

  • One in four caregivers report fair or poor mental health. Caregivers are feeling tired (47%), worried or anxious (44%), or overwhelmed (37%) because of caregiving responsibilities. 
  • Caregivers provide an average of 5.1 hours of care a day, adding up to over 30 hours of unpaid care, or almost the equivalent of a full-time job.  
  • Half of caregivers have experienced financial stress in the past year due to caregiving. 
  • 80% of paid care providers have considered changing careers, citing unfair low compensation, inadequate staffing, discrimination and lack of unsafety at work.  

This month serves as a reminder of the challenges caregivers face daily, from balancing work and caregiving responsibilities to navigating complex healthcare systems. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of caregiving and to advocate for better support and resources for caregivers.

Check out the “Caring in Canada” report here.

Visit Caregiving at YouAreUNLTD to learn more about innovation in technology and services to support caregivers. 

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