Tuesday, July 16, 2024

New Dementia Calculator, a Canadian Innovation, Could Help Older Adults Reduce Their Risk of Cognitive Decline

Crunch a few numbers on a new calculator and you can determine your risk of dementia. The Dementia Calculator is designed to help adults aged 55 and over learn how to reduce their risk of developing cognitive issues in the next five years. This Canadian innovation was created by researchers at the Ottawa Hospital, the University of Ottawa, the Bruyère Research Institute and ICES.

Developed using data from a survey of more than 75,000 Canadians, the calculator is unique in that you don’t have to visit a doctor for tests; in fact, you can complete the calculation on your own at home. It’s the first tool of its kind designed to be used at a population level, which will provide insight into which populations are at a higher risk, and also predicting the number of new cases in a community.

Documented in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, learn more about what powers this Canadian innovation here in the National Post.

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