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Non-Profit, Long-Term Care Provider Planning Smaller, Home-Like Units

In Vancouver, if a rezoning plan is approved this spring, the 60-year-old Inglewood Care Centre, which has a conventional hospital-type layout, will be torn down to make way for two buildings that would accommodate two households of a dozen residents per floor. This proposed format comes from lessons learned through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Baptist Housing, which is a no-profit that provides seniors housing, purchased Inglewood in February 2020 with the goal of redeveloping it to house fewer people in each unit. With fewer residents per floor, there wouldn’t be the large group dynamic of everyone eating meals together, for example. Cutting the household numbers down to 12 would help limit the number of cases of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

The new buildings would incorporate elements of a model in the U.S., dubbed the Green House model, which moves away from large, institutional living environments to ones that are smaller, and more like homes with fewer residents. The proposed new build would include elevators that visiting family members could take directly to the resident’s floor and meet in a room set up with a Plexiglass wall to reduce the potential of spreading infection.

To learn more about the aspects that would be incorporated in the 12-resident buildings and the benefits these elements add to long-term housing, read the full article at

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