Friday, April 19, 2024

Living Life UNLTD: Three Inspiring People Changing How We View Aging

For some weekend reading, dive into a few of the fascinating and inspiring stories of people living life UNLTD.

Canadian model, dietitian and author Maye Musk, 73, is crushing stereotypes of what women of “a certain age” are like and is happy to do so. She says older women don’t have to be in the background anymore and shares her thoughts on breaking the stereotypes of older women in this article from the Vancouver Sun.

Meanwhile, record-breaking skateboarder Tony Hawk is now 53, and while he can still do the tricks he’s known for, he admits it’s more of a battle and that he doesn’t feel it’s worth the risk. The Guardian caught up with the skateboarding legend to chat about his journey and where he’s going from here.

And 85-year-old kite surfing Fred from Ontario shares with Kitesurfing magazine his secrets for his active, healthy way of life (even though he states that “they’re not secrets, just common sense.”

Image: Kitesurfing magazine.

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