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The Doctors Are In: Three leading Physicians Offer Expert Guidance on Osteoporosis

You may have been hearing more about osteoporosis lately. It’s a chronic bone-weakening disease that has affected more than two million Canadians. And yet it’s not widely understood, from what it is to how it’s prevented and what it really matters. 

This video answers a lot of questions, thanks to the expert panel made up of three physicians with deep knowledge of osteoporosis. They share the straight goods about the disease in a clear, concise manner. No hard-to-follow medical mumbo-jumbo. Just smart tips and information that you can really use to prevent osteoporosis, to ensure you age with vitality and enjoy a good quality of life and independence for the long term by taking care of bone health now. 

The panel includes moderator Dr. Peter Lin, director, Primary Care Initiatives Canada Heart Research Centre and panelists Dr. Vivien Brown, a Toronto family physician and Dr. Akshay Jain, an endocrinologist, based in Surrey, B.C. In the video, they talk about issues that really matter, including how to watch for and recognize early indicators of osteoporosis, which lifestyle factors reduce the body’s ability to build strong bones, and who should be getting a bone density test and when, plus what fractures are telling you about bone health. 

Fractures are an important topic of conversation. They say a lot about your future. Fragility fractures, those that happen after a fall from a standing height, are a cause of concern, our panel experts explain. These types of fractures are a red flag that the underlying cause for the fracture is osteoporosis. And what’s the big deal about a fracture that will heal in time anyway? 

Listen to Drs. Jain and Brown and you’ll understand that one fracture is likely to be followed, by another and another. Make your first fracture your last. That’s crucial because subsequent fractures could include a hip fracture – something that has a significant risk of mortality – and a loss of independence and a need to receive care from a long-term care facility. It’s not the way any older adult wants to spend their golden years.

That’s why the panel emphasizes the need for preventative steps now. Learn what you need to do, how to finetune your diet to get the bone-building vitamins and minerals necessary for bone health, and which habits are weakening your bones. If you do have osteoporosis, you’ll want to hear them discuss treatment options and how crucial it is to keep taking any medications prescribed.

Forget googling for credible information on bone health. You’ll find it here in this video, courtesy of three leading Canadian doctors who want to empower you with facts and ways to live your best life – one that makes strong bones a priority.

Be sure to share this video with someone you care about who would benefit from understanding osteoporosis better. 

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