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Amgen Sets An Official Guinness World Record For Most Osteoporosis Screenings In 24 Hours

The results are in! Amgen Canada, together with affiliates in nine other countries around the world, is celebrating a new Guinness World Records title for the most osteoporosis screenings in 24 hours: 5,816.

In Canada, an astounding 553 people were tested at Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga, Ont. on May 5th, far surpassing the national goal of 300. Globally, the target was 3,000 screenings and Amgen achieved nearly double that number with 5,816 screenings, as part of the company’s osteoporosis awareness campaign.

An official adjudicator from Guinness World Records was on site at Square One to verify the number of screenings.

YouAreUNLTD was thrilled to work with Amgen Canada to help generate awareness among Canadians about osteoporosis, a disease that weakens bones and makes them more susceptible to fracture.

“While it is exciting to have achieved an official Guinness World Records title, it is even more rewarding to know we helped raised awareness of osteoporosis,” says Dr. Ponda Motsepe-Ditshego, executive medical director, Amgen Canada. “The more people are aware of this disease that effects two million Canadians, the better equipped they will be to take charge of their bone health.”


Osteoporosis is often called ‘the silent disease’ because bone loss can’t necessarily be seen or felt. Most people don’t know they are at risk until they experience the life-altering consequences of a broken bone in a critical part of the body, such as hip, pelvis or spine.

Did you know?

  • 2 million Canadians are affected by osteoporosis; the condition can strike at any age.
  • At least 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will have an osteoporotic fracture during their lifetime.
  • 80 per cent of all fractures in people age 50+ are caused by osteoporosis.
  • Approximately 30,000 hip fractures occur in Canada each year, and more than 24 per cent of these occur in men.
  • Osteoporosis causes 70-90 per cent of hip fractures.
  • Fractures due to osteoporosis are more common than heart attacks, strokes and breast cancer combined.

While the Guinness World Records event may be over, the fight against the disease continues. Canadians should speak to their healthcare providers about screening options and assess their potential fracture risk.

Armed with this knowledge, older Canadians can explore solutions to protect their bone health and adopt wellness strategies for healthier aging.

Presented by Amgen Canada.

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