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Be Part Of History on May 5! Help Set A World Record For The Most Osteoporosis Screenings In 24 Hours

Osteoporosis is often called ‘the silent disease’ because bone loss can’t be seen or felt. It’s time to raise awareness and break the silence around this important issue.

That will happen on Sunday, May 5, when we’ll make some noise and loudly cheer on Amgen Canada as it hosts Break Records, Not Bones – a unique event that is the very first of its kind – with the public invited to help make history and support Amgen in attempting to set an official Guinness World Records’ title for the most osteoporosis screenings within 24 hours.

The magic number? 3,000 is the goal. It would be a stunning achievement to make this happen, so you’ll want to be there to support other participants, to boost awareness of a critical health issue and to see an energetic, passionate team in action as it conducts bone density screening.

To keep tabs on the proceedings, an official adjudicator from Guinness will be on hand to verify the number of screenings completed. He will make the final proclamation once the final numbers are in. It promises to be an incredible, once-in-a-life moment with the potential to witness the setting of a world record for everyone on hand.

Members of the public are invited to participate in this historic initiative taking place at Square One Shopping Centre (100 City Centre Dr.) in Mississauga, from 11 am to 7 pm. They can have an osteoporosis screening and learn more about the disease.

It promises to be a memorable event all around. It taps into the power of like-minded people like you and helps to strengthen communities locally and worldwide with a total of nine countries ready to achieve something truly amazing.

Two million Canadians are affected by osteoporosis, a condition that can strike at any age in both women and men. Research shows that 80 per cent of all fractures in people age 50-plus are caused by osteoporosis. Approximately 30,000 hip fractures occur in Canada each year, and over one quarter of these occur in men.

“Bone health matters a great deal,” says Dr. Ponda Motsepe-Ditshego, executive medical director, Amgen Canada, part of the world’s largest independent biotechnology company. “That’s why it is so important to help educate the general public about osteoporosis, and to encourage them to talk to their doctor to learn more. The more we know, the better equipped we are to take charge of our bone health.”

She also points out that even when you’re feeling great on the outside, your bones could be telling a different story on the inside. “If ignored, osteoporosis can jeopardize your ability to do things you love and get around on your own, particularly when bone breaks occur in critical parts of the body, including the hip, pelvis and spine,” explains Dr. Motsepe-Ditshego.

Even what seems like a minor fracture, such as one in the wrist, can be a sign of more debilitating fractures to come — like those in the hip or spine.” “It’s not just a fracture, it’s a warning sign. No fracture should be ignored,” she adds. “Instead, talk to your doctor about osteoporosis, and how you can take charge of your bone health.”

Who should attend?

Everyone! You, your mom, your husband, your dad, your neighbour or any special person in your life. Although anyone can have osteoporosis at any age, women bear the brunt of it because of changing estrogen levels throughout their lives, especially during menopause when a woman’s body produces less estrogen. Over time, it may lead to osteoporosis and increase the likelihood of broken or fractured bones.

Contrary to common beliefs, osteoporosis is not just a women’s disease. Men can be affected, too. During their lifetime, at least one in three women and one in five men will experience a broken bone because of this disease.

That underscores the need for bone density measurement, so take the opportunity presented by the Break Records, Not Bones event to have your bone density measured.

6 great reasons to get ‘screen’ time at the Break Records, Not Bones event

  1. It’s convenient and quick. A portable ultrasound machine will measure bone density in the heel of the foot without using radiation. There’s no cost for the test. And it doesn’t take long.
  2. Start a dialogue. With the measurement in hand, participants can talk to their own healthcare providers about bone density and bone health.
  3. Learn more. Osteoporosis does not discriminate based on gender or age. Understanding more about the disease empowers you to live your best life and take steps to increase bone health.
  4. Be inspired to adapt healthy habits to keep bones strong. This includes participating in weight-bearing exercise, getting enough calcium and vitamin D, stopping smoking, and limiting alcohol consumption.
  5. Disrupt ‘the silent disease.’ Manypeople don’t know they have osteoporosis until they break a bone. You’ll assist with spreading the message about the importance of bone density screening.
  6. Make history. You’ll earn bragging rights and be able to say that you played an integral role in the efforts to set a Guinness World Record and raised awareness about osteoporosis. On May 5, osteoporosis-screening events will take place in nine countries, including Canada. Mark the date and join this powerful global movement.

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