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YouAreUNLTD gives voice to new vision of aging and care

New publishing brand embodies the middle-age forever mindset

YouAreUNLTD Issue 01May 23, 2018 – Toronto, ON – YouAreUNLTD today announced the official launch of a new publishing brand designed to disrupt and redefine what it means to get older, by providing Canadians with a fresh voice and the resources they want to age with vitality.

This business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) publishing brand targets a unique audience, that includes consumers and caregivers ages 45 to 70, as well as healthcare professionals, innovators and manufacturers. YouAreUNLTD is spearheading a movement to disrupt and challenge tired and outdated assumptions on what it means to get older in Canada. 

The target consumer demographic, which includes 9.6M Boomers, refuse to accept the conventional notions of aging and are instead doing it their way, searching for solutions and products to help them age with purpose and power. This is a highly influential group with vast economic resources, which make them an important audience for contemporary marketers.

YouAreUNLTD is tapping into the audience’s media consumption habits with a quarterly magazine and daily digital and social content curated to tell humanistic and optimistic stories; highlight cutting edge technology in the context of aging and care; and provide evidence-based solutions that will inspire people to believe in the positivity of aging.

“We’ve brought together a brilliant community of thought leaders to articulate the latest trends in health and wellness and encourage Canadians to rethink negative, misleading narratives about aging,” says David Wright, YouAreUNLTD’s co-founder and publisher. “Our aim is to give all people the knowledge and perspective needed to maintain their resilience and independence, so they can live optimistically with passion and celebration.”

Wellwise™ by Shoppers Drug Mart is the lead brand sponsor and distribution partner for YouAreUNLTD. Wellwise™ is a new store format and retail resource for Canadians who want to stay active and take charge of the way they age. Over 170,000 complimentary copies of YouAreUNLTD magazine will be distributed in all Wellwise™ and Shoppers Home Healthcare locations and select Shoppers Drug Mart Stores in Ontario, BC and Alberta. Wellwise™ will also include a copy of the magazine with every e-commerce order made on

In addition, 10,000 copies will be direct mailed to healthcare professionals.

“YouAreUNLTD shares our vision of being exceptionally responsive to the rising expectations of the new healthcare consumer,” says Theresa Firestone, senior vice-president, healthcare businesses for Shoppers Drug Mart. “The Wellwise™ brand recognizes attitudes about aging and care have changed dramatically, and our customers want much more from their retail experience in terms of living active, healthy lives. Our store concept is defined by wellness, not illness, and that’s a critically important distinction.”

AGE-WELL Network of Centres of Excellence is the lead institutional sponsor for YouAreUNLTD. AGE-WELL is a pan-Canadian network that brings together researchers, non-profits, industry, government, older adults and caregivers to develop solutions to support healthy aging. The federally-funded network includes more than 150 researchers from 37 universities and research centres across Canada and over 225 industry, government and non-profit partners.

“YouAreUNLTD’s thoughtful and optimistic vision of aging makes it the perfect medium to raise awareness of the technologies, services and policies/practices that AGE-WELL teams are working on to benefit all of us as we get older, and to drive innovation,” says Dr. Alex Mihailidis, AGE-WELL’s scientific director. “As Canada’s technology and aging network, we’re proud to be part of this movement to help Canadians age well.”

About YouAreUNLTD

YouAreUNLTD is purpose-driven publishing brand aimed at creating a movement to inspire all people to believe in the positivity of aging and care. Our goal is to demonstrate that, while the body may have limits, the spirit never has to. We are changing the conversation around aging by creating a community of global thought leaders to shed light on the latest solutions, technologies, products and services that help people age healthily. YouAreUNLTD is designed and produced by EnsembleIQ Canada’s custom division.  


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