Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Boomer or Bust: How Aging Consumers are Reshaping Business

Canada’s 9.6 million Boomers plan to live full and healthy lives far beyond retirement, and they’re taking an increasingly proactive role in their own healthcare. Today, the physician is no longer the sole gatekeeper and patients, particularly boomers, want to be educated and informed about their health issues and what you can offer to them. Getting your message in front of this important group is vital for your success but how do you effectively do that with the communication restrictions in your industry?

The answer is YouAreUNLTD – a purpose-built publishing brand that provides you with the ideal vehicle for connecting with Canada’s powerful Boomer demographic.

At the core of our business, we are spearheading a movement to disrupt and challenge tired and outdated assumptions about what it means to get older in Canada. In turn, through our print and digital magazines, website and social media initiatives, we’re giving our target audience — Canadians aged 45 to 70 and a large ecosystem of healthcare professionals — a highly relatable and authoritative go-to resource to discover current and future products, services, solutions and brands that speak directly to their needs and desires.

Unprecedented spending power

People 50 and over have the largest amount of disposable income of any consumer group today, and Boomers stand to inherit $750 billion over the next decade – the biggest transfer of wealth in our nation’s history.

Boomers are also sweeping aside the notion that life after 50 is a gradual decline into irrelevance. Instead, people are embracing a “middle-age forever” mindset, prolonging the time that they are at their most creative and productive.

Thanks to a steadfast refusal to accept the status quo, our readers have high expectations and are reshaping every industry they touch, including yours. 

Opportunity knocks

At YouAreUNLTD we’re tapped into the power and potential of this group — we’ve built our business on it. We know that the needs, goals and preferences of Canadians over 50 are significant market drivers. Businesses who successfully blend their brand strategies with these priorities are set to reap tremendous growth.

That’s why we’re reaching out to leaders like you, who know this aging-powerfully demographic represents an unprecedented opportunity, in Canada, and beyond.

Forget assumptions of aging based on your grandparents’ generation. Boomers are forging a new path, and this is why our content and initiatives have resonated with this audience. Treat Boomers with respect, realize the unique nature of their situation and you can forge a deep and lasting connection. Our brand is doing it, and yours can too.

Make the connection

In 2001, The Office of Consumers Affairs reported: “The aging of the Baby-Boom generation is the most influential demographic force shaping Canada’s marketplace.” Fast-forward to 2018 and Boomers now account for 29 percent of our population: As they age, their influence and affluence only continues to grow. Is your business ready?

As a market influencer, YouAreUNLTD is uniquely valuable to contemporary businesses that want to capitalize on this large and immensely important segment of the Canadian population. If you’re not focusing on Boomers, you’re leaving money on the table. To explore opportunities and grow your revenue, access our sponsorship kit today.

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