Monday, June 17, 2024

About Us


Our mission is to change the way we talk about aging and care through the power of media. At YouAreUNLTD we encourage Canadians to live life optimistically, with passion and celebration. We want to convince our readers that despite the many hurdles they may face, their world has just as many doors waiting to be opened. Even though our bodies may weaken, our spirits are unlimited.


When producing and publishing content, our goal is to:

    • Empower. Promote positive attitude toward aging and care. Challenge the status quo of the way healthcare has been defined and delivered. Demonstrate through the examples of innovation in technology, science and delivery of care that solutions to your concerns and health problems are possible and available. Prove that growing older can be a positive experience and the wisdom that comes with advanced age ought to be appreciated.
    • Uplift and inspire. Highlight the opportunities and solutions. Tell the stories of real people overcoming challenges. Boost our readers’ appetite for life by emphasizing the possibilities that lie ahead.
    • Assist. Help caregivers to navigate the system. Support health professionals in their work. Ensure the needs of the caregivers, care recipients and care deliverers are recognized and their voices heard. Provide support and counsel in a friendly yet sensitive way.

To achieve those goals, we ensure that our content is:

    • Relevant. We deliver current, evidence-based information and present solutions to real challenges that our readers may face.
    • Engaging. We believe in the power of stories and the synergistic energy of conversations. We write for real people in the way we would talk to them in person.
    • Humanistic. We strive to present positive solutions and pathways to action.
    • Balanced. We aim to recognize the needs of the head and heart equally. Our goal is to produce content that is emotionally and intellectually stimulating.

Voice and Tone

YouAreUNLTD’s voice is vibrant. It is fresh, modern and active. We believe it is possible to talk about age- and care-related issues in an engaging and inspiring way. We focus on opportunities and seek solutions, even if it means disrupting the status quo. We embrace the complexity of the human experience and respect all value systems and points of view. Being authentic is more important to us than being right. (Sweating the small stuff is so twentieth century!)

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