Friday, March 1, 2024

New Housing Developments Include Not Just Older Adults But Rather a Mix of Age Groups

Could intergenerational housing be key to the future retirement community living? There’s a growing number of housing developments that are mixing age groups, because let’s face it: most older adults don’t want to live just surrounded by older adults.

Incorporating more of a mix of age groups is largely viewed as healthier, both physically and mentally. And in this article from the New York Times, the reason there’s more of a focus and effort to improve independent living and retirement living for older adults is tied to the huge number of baby boomers. With this wave of boomers comes a business opportunity when it comes to aging.

Just outside of Austin, Texas, Cantina Communities is soon breaking ground on small rental homes but with a great house and common studios for the residents to have events and attend programming as a community. The site is also well positioned near City Hall, a public library and the main street; this is unlike sites commonly used for retirement communities, often areas that feel remote.

There’s also university-based retirement communities, and the article also elaborates on the model used in Singapore, a design that’s set to launch soon in Santa Clara, Calif., and a recent design built in Flushing, Queens. You can read the full article here, where they also pinpoint a specific group that’s done quite well at incorporating intergenerational living—those who identify as L.G.B.T.Q.

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