Changing the Conversation on Aging and Care

Introducing YouAreUNLTD

We are creating a community to change the conversation on aging and care.

Society has trained us to talk about aging and care in a way that hasn’t changed for decades upon decades. We have spoken about it in a way that is not always inspiring but, at times, quite the opposite. We often speak about what can, what is and will go wrong instead of what can, what could and what should go right.

It is time for this conversation to come of age.

We are going to change the way we talk about aging and care. We are going to encourage Canadians to live life optimistically, with passion and celebration. We are going to show them that their world, despite the hurdles they may face, has just as many doors waiting to be opened.

We are going to send them a message that while their bodies may have limits, their spirit never has to.

Introducing YouAreUNLTD.

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YouAreUNLTD is a new publishing brand designed to disrupt and redefine what it means to get older, by providing Canadians with a fresh voice and the resources they want to age with vitality.